Egemsoft, offers software and hardware end to end test services based on “Managed Services” model.

Egemsoft has been established in 2011 to provide software application development and software testing services. Since the beginning of 2016, having set its focus on the Test Services area, Egemsoft has put more emphasis on R&D activities aiming to develop its own software testing tools and continues its activities on software testing services with a sustained growth both in size and offered services.

Egemsoft offers its high competence in software and hardware testing, within the frame of testing services provided for Large-Scale Enterprise Applications, Mobile Applications, Point Of Sale (POS), Digital TV/STB, OTT, SIM Card Tests and through Test Tools it has developed.


Egemsoft firmly accepts that test operation is one of the most important factors that directly affects the quality of a developed product. Based on the fact that this acceptancy is being shared by institutions of all sizes more and more each day, Egemsoft shapes its business to offer a wide range of services covering the needs of the market by focusing on the Software and Hardware Testing fields.

Beside test services offered, R&D is an important field of activity, where Egemsoft aims to develop such test supporting software applications that can be candidate projects to be funded by TUBITAK (THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF TURKEY). Within this scope, R&D Team is concentrated on two major projects. The first Project is“Software Testing Tools and Management Platform” which will also include “release management”, that is missing in other international tools. The other project is developing “eSIM Test Tool” which will execute tests on eSIMs embedded in mobile devices.


Yazılım Testleri

Egemsoft delivers test services covering all types of tests, functional, end to end, performance, usability, regression, smoke tests, etc., regarding a wide range of software applications, from large-scale enterprise applications to mobile applications.

Yazılım Testleri

The firmware tests of Digital TV STB (Set Top Box) and OTT (Over The Top) are executed by controlled lists which are compatible with alpha&beta softwares. In this context, functional tests, like User Interface, Hidden Menu, Remote Control, Frontend/Backend, are being executed. Also the tests of corporate and banking applications on POS (Points of Sale) devices are being executed.
In addition, in this field Egemsoft has developed a test platform software which performs the tests of modem and STB (Set Top Box) end user devices in Telecom Operators agents and service centers, according to specified rules.

Yazılım Testleri

The modifications on software applications are inevitable and folllowing such modifications, whether they are enhancements in the application or fixing bugs and errors, retesting the applications is a must. At this point, Test Automation plays an important role. The efficiency of the testing process significantly increases with the automated execution of the test scenarios. In this context, automatic creation of test data and reusability of the test scripts in different browsers, provide significant savings in time and resources, while reducing the human error rate.

Yazılım Testleri

Performance indicators of software applications, such as response time, scalability, transaction load limits, resource usage, are determined by Performance Tests. The result of these tests provide us the crucial information on points to be improved and the limits of the application. Performance Tests include Load Tests and Stress Tests, executed with different test scenarios like Static Load Tests and increasing load tests to determine the durability of the applications.

Yazılım Testleri

Service virtualisation removed all the problems related to unavailable or hard access to external services which is a major problem of the external system integrated end to end testing. Removal of the deviations in test planning process; with the decrease of dependency to the external systems and increase in the test execution quantity, accordingly provides time savings.
One of the major blocking reasons of End to End Tests, regarding large scale applications running on multienvironment systems, is the possible unavailability of one or more of such systems during the tests. With Service Virtualisation, tests may resume as if the expected responses from such systems are received. This minimizes the deviation from test plans, improves the number of daily test runs hence providing time savings.

Yazılım Testleri

Tests on Sim cards are executed at two main phases, pre production and post production. These tests include Sim card file system comparison and verification, global platform (Over-The-Air) compatibility, security checks, performance/endurance testing on hardware level, basic network compatibility, micro applet functions and operator services compatibility tests.


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